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Terms of Service

1. Registration:

By registering an account you hereby consent to the terms of use described below.
All information related to your account(s) is the property of Savage MU.

Membership - By becoming a member of, you are subscribing to the server’s news letter.

Security - We are NOT responsible for the security of account names and passwords. Players must take measures to protect their accounts. This simply means, never login your account(s) and password information to a non-Savage MU website. Do not give away your login information!

Privacy - Any problems arising from sharing an account(s), password or personal information with ANYONE are the sole responsibility of the account’s owner. We will not take responsibility for any issues that arise with an account, but, in the event of such an issue we may be able to offer support. The support we offer in such situation is solely at our discretion.

Account Trading - Buying, selling or trading accounts for real money is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. All Savage MU accounts, items and any Savage MU related information is a property of the server owner. Buying, selling or trading accounts for real money will be punished by a permanent ban. Buying, selling or trading accounts for real money outside the Savage MU website or in-game will also be punished by a permanent ban. This simply means that if you are caught selling Savage MU properties on any internet website or location you will receive a permanent ban.

Refund Policy - Any donations made to the server are non-refundable. Buying credits and donations are both different things. We DO NOT sell Savage MU credits, but, we ONLY accept donations made willing by the user of the account. All donation values have their specific credits rewards.

2. Hacking/Cheating:

Definition - Hacks or cheats are considered programs that can compromise Savage MU’s game server, files, clients and/or patches.

Intrusion - Hacking the Savage MU Server or abusing server bugs will result in a permanent IP address and hardware ID ban.

Rankings - Attempting fakery in order to advance into the ranking table is strictly forbidden and is punishable by a temporary ban. Continuous attempts to advance on the ranking table illicitly will result in a permanent ban. (Examples: Fake guild wars, using multiple accounts to gain honor inside a clan, etc.)

Proxy - We will not provide support and we will not be held responsible for any problems that occur with an IP address of any player due to using "proxy" or any third party software that hides their real IP address. Do so at your own risk!

Scamming - Any type of scamming is susceptible to a ban. The interpretation of the term “Scam” remains solely at the Savage MU staff’s discretion. All logs are constantly investigated.

Complicity – Anyone caught collaborating with a scammer and/or hacker will receive the same punishment as the person found guilty for such matters.

3. Staff Information:

The Savage MU Staff – The server staff will NEVER ask any of its members for ANY personal information. Any member of the server staff must AND will behave in a professional manner towards the server’s population. Any staff member that acts unprofessional is subject to demotion.

Impersonation - Character Names/In-Game Names and Guild Names must not contain Administrator and/or GameMaster nicknames. You may not impersonate or present yourself to be a representative of the Savage MU staff. Being caught posing as an Administrator or GameMaster will result in a permanent ban.

Respect – Any offence against any Savage MU staff member may be punished without prior notice. The punishment is at the sole discretion of the offended staff member (a punishment cannot refer to any in-game item/character modifications).

Immunity – The server staff members have the right to, without question, violate any rules described in the Terms of Service they deem necessary for the benefit of the community. Staff members are not allowed to create items and/or modify any other in-game content related to their personal account, account which is not related to their administrator account and/or character (The Complicity rule of art. 2 also applies).

Liability - Savage MU Administrator(s) and GameMaster(s) will NOT be held responsible for any lost/disappeared/missing/stolen items, whatever the cause may be. However, in certain special situations we may offer support for such cases, but that remains solely at our discretion.

4. Advertising Policy:

Any referral to any server other than Savage MU through the Savage MU portal is strictly forbidden. Advertising or referring to any other server through Savage MU’s facilities will result in a permanent ban (The Complicity rule of art. 2 also applies).

5. Donations:

We sincerely thank you for any donation made to our server as it helps us maintain it for you. Please keep in mind that before making a donation your account must contain at least one character, otherwise your account will not be charged with coins.

Refunds – Any donation made is non-refundable. If, for any reason, a donor gets banned, all items in his account will be blocked along with the account and any content related to the account in discussion will become irrecuperable, under ANY circumstances.

Equality – It is worth noting that no matter how much you donate to our cause, you will not have any special privileges in regards to any other player on the server. Donors that do violate a vital rule in the ‘Terms of Service’ are still susceptible to a ban.

Digital Products – We do not issue refunds for any digital products once the order is submitted. We recommend contacting us for assistance in the event of any issues in receiving or using our products. By ordering a product from our website you agree that, because of the nature of the product, which is digital, there are no refunds under any circumstance. If you submit any payment you agree that you will not dispute, ask for a partial or a full refund. If you do not agree to the above DO NOT SUBMIT ANY PAYMENT.

6. Server Information:

This is a FREE-TO-PLAY private server. Given the name, people are informed that this server contains NO language filters, NO PvP penalties, NO punishments for killing someone on a spot, NO punishments for mature language, etc. and it is expressly intended for adult individuals.

The interpretation of these rules is solely up to the administrator or the owner of Savage MU and are susceptible to change at any time without prior notice.

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