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  • 'Supernova' mastery now grants a 40% burn chance bonus at level 10.
  • 'Improved Ice' mastery for Grand Master now grants cold spells a chance to frostbite enemies at level 20.
  • 'Improved Power Slash' mastery now enhances the skill with water attribute at level 10.
  • 'Skilled Fighter' mastery now also has a chance to knockback targets at level 10 and a chance to stun targets at level 20.
  • 'Physical Resistance' mastery now also grand 10% stun resistance at level 20.
  • Introduced 12 new ancient set modifiers: Stun Duration, Burn Damage, Chance to Inflict Burn, Dual Wield Damage, Item Drop Rate, Cold/Poison/Lightning/Fire/Earth/Wind/Water Attribute Damage, Elemental Ailments Duration. Many of the current ancient sets have been reworked to put these new additions to use.


2. Website:

  • Updated the 'Mastery' module to better reflect the ingame changes.


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