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1. Game Client:

  • Added a new item: Valuable Coin. Valuable Coins are sold by bartenders in Lorencia and Davias. The cost of one coins is Zen and it sells back for the same price, allowing for more Zen storage in general.
  • Added Rage Fighter and Magic Gladiator starter items in Lorencia shop.
  • The Dungeon map has been extended, adding extra spots and shortcuts. It is up to the players to explore these secrets.
  • Weapons Merchant Bolo (Karutan) now sells middle tier weapons +Skill+Quality.
  • Improved the bonus of the following masteries: Immunity, Resistivity and Cold Affinity.
  • Elemental system has been completely reworked.
  • Increased the success rate of Elemental Seal item level chaos combinations.
  • The price for Jewel of Harmony is now 27.000.000 Zen.
  • Fixed an issue where the burn debuff from fire damage would not affect players with shield points above 0 (PvP).
  • Fixed an issue where the item Ring of Water would not receive bonuses from +Quality.
  • Fixed an issue where gaining experience over the current level cap would cause the character to level up but start the next level at 0 experience points. Characters are now able to gain more than 1 level from a single experience gain.
  • Fixed an issue where experience rewards from events would not count towards mastery characters.
  • Minor interface changes.


2. Website:

  • The monthly top voter reward is now completely automated.


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