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  • Fixed a bug related to the Dark Crow that would cause the excellent damage rate to be calculated twice, thus resulting in double the damage bonus.
  • Fixed the following Dark Lord masteries: Lethal Crow, Sharp Talons.
  • Fixed a bug related to the Endurance mastery that would cause the character's stamina to recharge to full at every tick.
  • Main class quests now each award 60 stat points, the final one awarding 160.
  • Increased the limit of stat fruits for each character.
  • Fixed the masteries for summoner book spells.
  • PvP accessories can now be enchanted with the level 380 PvP item option.
  • Elemental accessories now increase elemental attribute damage by +(Resistance / 2).
  • Ancient accessories now grant an additional 30% resistance based on their attribute.
  • Introducing a new feature to the game: elemental ailments. Each elemental attribute (Ice, Fire, Water, etc.) now has a chance to inflict a debuff on the target, based on the target's resistance. Each element inflicts a unique debuff.


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