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1. Game Client:

  • Changed the item model for Ring of Swiftness, Ring of Agility and Ring of Deflection into something more appealing.
  • Fixed a few minor visual bugs for certain Rage Fighter weapons.
  • Added 6 new axes: Steel Hatchet, Tempered Double Axe, Stone Cleaver, Skull Reaver, Bladed Axe and Runed Axe.
  • Added 1 new scythe: Ember Scythe.
  • Added 1 new mace: Dragon Basher.
  • Major in-game UI updates.


2. Website:

  • Added the above mentioned items under the weapons section of the Game Information page.


Downloading the client once more is necessary in order to enjoy the new UI in-game.


Kind Regards,

Savage MU Online Team

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