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1. Game Client:

  • Added a new quest chain that leads to killing Erohim in the Land of Trials.
  • Added a new quest chain that leads to killing Nightmare in Kanturu.
  • Fixed some minor issues with the mining system.
  • PvP rings and pendants can now randomly drop. The excellent versions are obtainable as a clan reward from the respective clan steward.
  • Acheron monsters can now drop 'Box of Luck' which rewards elemental items.
  • Added Jeweller Raul inside the hut in Davias, just above Lorence, the guild master.
  • Golden Titan, Lizard, Tantalos and Iron Knight now all drop 3 Boxes of Kundun each.
  • Changed elemental attributes of certain skills in order to give them a more 'real' feel.
  • White Wizard now drops Jewels of Chaos instead of Jewels of Bless.
  • Added Golden Hellmaine, Golden Erohim and Golden Kundun as additional endgame bosses awarding players with outstanding loot.


2. Launcher:

  • Minor fixes to provide better resolution compatibility.
  • Players will have to re-download the launcher located under the 'Downloads' page.


3. Website:

  • Minor visual changes.


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