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Server Configuration
Server Feature Details
Game Version Season IX, Episode II
Experience Dynamic, Up to x10
Maximum Level 400
Mastery Experience x1
Mastery Maximum Level 60
Mastery Points per Level 5
Mastery Class Quest Reward 500 Stat Points
Excellent 380 Items Disabled
Excellent 400 Items Disabled
Maximum Excellent Options 2 (3 for Two-Handed Weapons)
Drop Rate 20%
Reset System Disabled
Language Filter System Disabled
Off-Level System Disabled
Off-Trade System Disabled
Reconnect System Enabled
Market System Enabled
Group Finder System Enabled
Duel System Enabled
Clan System Enabled
Quest System Enabled
Socket System Enabled
Elemental System Enabled
Mining System Enabled
MUUN System Disabled
Happy Hour Event Enabled
Blood Castle Event Enabled
Devil Square Event Enabled
Chaos Castle Event Enabled
Illusion Temple Event Disabled
White Wizard Event Enabled
Golden Invasion Event Enabled
Lorencia Valley Event Disabled
Castle Siege Event Enabled
Crywolf Event Enabled
Kanturu Event Enabled
Frozen Wastes Event Enabled
Swamp of Calm Event Enabled
Imperial Fortress Event Enabled
Foreign Dimension Event Enabled
Acheron Event Enabled
Battlecore Event Disabled

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1Lord EmperorHawk60
2Blade MasterDeathSign60
3High ElfDiva60
4Duel MasterEndeka60
5Blade Mastersicario60
6Grand MasterwVVw60
7High ElfGODDESS59
8High ElfDove46
9Grand MasterPinke37
10Lord EmperorFirstDL26

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